My love of photography dates back many years, to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and beer cost two pence a pint in old money. At that time I lived in Pershore and was a member of the Pershore Camera Club, which I really enjoyed. Everything was fine until I suffered a major setback in life, I got married. This condition brings with it untreatable pain and suffering such as a mortgage, paint, wallpaper and worst of all kids. Unfortunately kids take longer to fledge than Blue Tits and the only cure is time itself. Well everything comes to those who wait as they say and the kids have now left, the locks have been changed and I am now able to spend my days photographing birds, which I really enjoy.

To anyone reading this who is living the same nightmare the advice I would give is simple. Never give up hope, keep taking the Valium and get your new set of locks ready just in case the opportunity to enjoy yourself again presents itself earlier than you may think !
Well, it is now nearly twelve months since I bought a DSLR body together with a Sigma Lense second hand from Carl Day and during this time I have upgraded the camera body to a Canon 7D and the lense to a Sigma 500.. F4.5, such is the pleasure I get from this fantastic pastime.

I would like to thank Carl for all the help he gave me at the time in getting started again, especially with regard to the “workings” of the laptop, and to Stuart Andrews for all his help and assistance in recent weeks and months, diamond geezers !!
I would also lke to thank Ron Jones for coming up with my site name, magic Ron money in the post !!
Finally, I hope that anyone viewing my photo’s gets as much pleasure from viewing them as I did taking them.
Many thank’s for visiting my site and enjoy your birding – Bob Jones 2010.